This is a harsh reminder how important regular servicing of your engine really is.  This poor gentleman had his vehicle towed into us today, bought the car at 19,000 km, missed one service at 15,000km service and now the engine is totally gunged up and making  rumbling noises at 50,000 km.  He took the car for a service at their regular mechanic to only be informed that his motor is too gunged up to service and motor should be removed, stripped, mechanically acid cleaned thoroughly then reassembled with new bearings, gaskets and maybe new timing running gear if worn.

Due to the late model of this series, not all parts are available after market, pending on what we find after stripping, cleaning and measuring.  Genuine price to supply at present for all his parts is well over $3,000.  Plus labour to Remove and Replace the engine of $1,500 + GST as well as stripping cleaning the engine and reassembling could be as much as $6,000 + GST.

So if you do the sums on missing 1 service on these late model engines, you could expect a bill of between $8,000 to $10,000.

Oil is cheap, do your servicing every 5000km if you are doing short city work and maximum 10000km if doing highway cycle to prevent this from happening to you.

Photo’s of the inside of this gunged up engine will be forthcoming upon removal.


Tony Donnelly