Capacities and Capabilities

Engine Reconditioning

Engine reconditioning Conrod aligning & resizing Alloy welding
Exchange petrol & diesel engines Pressure Test & Crack Test Performance work
Cylinder head Reconditioning Counter boring liner recesses Prestige work
K-line guides Manifold & flywheel facing Engine Assembly Petrol & Diesel
Exchange Cylinder Heads Drilling out broken studs & Helicoil Surface grind small and large engine blocks
The measurement of size provided are machine travel only.  Most of the time bigger jobs have been machined successfully.
Face Width 380mm
Max Length  1500mm
Boring Length  700mm
Diameter 125mm
Diesel & Petrol Heads
Large Single or Multi Cylinder Heads  Max 1400mm x 500mm
Internal Grinding 125mm
Pressure testing heads & blocks
Any Size
Crack testing heads
Magnetic Powder – Any Size
Acid Dipping
Bath size  1200 X 650MM
950 diameter Basket
K-Line guides 5.5mm to 9mm Bead blasting 1100mm x 1400mm

General Engineering

2 x Lathe machines (3000 x 800 swing x 104mm up spindle) Gear & Spline Cutting Pin bore honing—Sunnen
Milling Vertical boring & facing machine Spray Welding
Surface mill / grinder(1500 travel x 380wide) Mig, tig, arc & oxy welding of  alloy stainless steel, bronze and mild steel Keyway cutting with metric & imperial broach
Broken stud removal Helicoiling (very large range) Drilling & tapping (large range of sizes)
60 ton press Shaft straightening jig with 10 ton enerpak
Reaming— large range of sizes Large power, cold & abrasive saws Taper turning
Shim grinder (gearbox & head shims) Tool grinder Light fabrication work
Bead blasting Research and Development Design work & drawings can be arranged
Lathe x 2
800mm Swing
3000mm Bed
104mm Up Spindle
Travel 900mm
Height 630mm
Bed extension 3000mm
Surface Grinding & Milling
1500mm Travel
380mm Wide
Tig, Mig, Arc & Oxy
Stainless Steel
Steel and Cast Iron
Metal spraying
Hot & Cold Metal Spraying Most common metals Ferrous & Non Ferrous
Drilling & Tapping
Drills to 75mm (3”)
Taps 1 ¼” & 24mm
60 tonne press Reaming 5mm to 50mm Honing to 125MM
Keyway Broaching
4mm to 10mm
1/8” to 3/8”
Car hoist 4 ton
5 x 500kg Overhead crane
Vertical boring
125mm dia x 1000mm travel
Straightening Jig
100mm x 6m
Helicoil Thread Repair
6mm to 20mm
¼” to 5/8”
Wet Bead Blasting
1100mmx 1100mm Cabinet

Marine Engineering

Propeller shaft manufacture Propeller shaft straightening Propeller sales
Spray welding worn prop & pump shafts Marine engine reconditioning Cylinder head reconditioning
Mig, tig, arc & oxy welding of alloy stainless steel, bronze, mild steel & cast iron Acid dipping (heat exchangers) casting
Pressure Testing of heat exchangers and heads Keyways cut by broaching or Milling
Rudder straightening Manifold facing Broken stud removal
Helicoiling Jabsco pump machining Coupling manufacture
Taper Turning Lathe
104mm diameter x 8m
Propeller shaft straightening jig
100mm dia x 6m
MARINE ENGINES – see Engine Reconditioning  & General Engineering
Rudder straightening
1000mm x 4000mm
Manifold facing
380 wide x 1500mm
400 amp all metals
NOTE:  Many other SERVICES covered in General Engineering